What is the CT Syringe Services Program?

Syringe Services Programs (SSPs) are community-based programs that provide access to sterile needles and syringes, facilitate safe disposal of used syringes, and provide and link to other important services and programs such as: Referral to substance use disorder treatment programs; Screening, care, and treatment for viral hepatitis and HIV; Education about overdose prevention and safer injection practices; Vaccinations, including those for hepatitis A and hepatitis B; Screening for sexually transmitted diseases; Abscess and wound care; Naloxone distribution and education; Referral to social, mental health, and other medical services (CDC SSPs). 

To access the Uncas Health District SSP for you or someone in need, contact Susan Dubb, Public Health Nurse at (860) 823-1189 x123 or sdubb@uncashd.org.  There is no cost for this service and our staff will be happy to schedule a confidential appointment. 

Infographic: What Are Syringe Services Programs

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