Formation and Establishment

In 1988, the Uncas Health District was established and organized as a government entity under Connecticut General Statutes 19a-240 and 241. Its foundational structure involves governance by a Board of Directors, marking its inception as a dedicated public health service provider.

Geographic Coverage

The District's jurisdiction spans across the City of Norwich and the towns of Bozrah, Franklin, Griswold, Lebanon, Lisbon, Montville, Preston, Salem, Sprague, and Voluntown. To cater to the diverse needs of these communities, the main office is situated in Norwich, complemented by satellite offices in Jewett City, Lebanon, Montville, and Salem, operating at varied hours.

Mission and Objectives

The primary goal of the Uncas Health District revolves around safeguarding public health within its member communities. Through collaborative efforts, the District aims to prevent diseases and injuries, promote healthier lifestyles, and ensure a safe environment. Achieving these objectives is facilitated through a multifaceted approach encompassing information dissemination, education initiatives, regulatory measures, and active community involvement.

Regulatory Responsibilities

One of the fundamental roles of the District is the enforcement of the Public Health Code and relevant State of Connecticut Statutes within its member municipalities. This responsibility underscores the District's commitment to upholding health and safety standards in the regions it serves.

Commitment to Progress

In an ongoing pursuit of excellence, the Uncas Health District is dedicated to continual improvement and adaptation. The District actively seeks to enhance and update methodologies, aiming to empower communities with the latest knowledge and tools necessary to ensure sustained health and safety standards. This commitment reflects a proactive approach to community well-being and resilience.

Contact Information

For further inquiries about the Uncas Health District, interested parties can contact the Director of Health at (860) 823-1189.

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