Our experiences have taught us the importance of “the moment” when serving the most disconnected and hard-to-reach populations. We support those impacted by drug use, together.

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Here's Why It's Awesome

Syringe Exchange Program

We offer syringe exchange services through street outreach, mobile units, Mobile 1, our Drop-In Centers, and an on-call as needed basis by telephone or appointment.

HIV Prevention Education and Testing

GHHRC promotes the total health and wellbeing of our participants and community through the provision of health education and tiered risk reduction programs.

Drug Treatment Access and Referrals

“WE GET IT” One of our core strengths is our ability to engage people in their own place, space and time. Our team of Drug Treatment Advocates is among the most experienced in the region.

O.P.E.N. Access

O.P.E.N. stands for Overdose Prevention, Education and Naloxone Access. We aim to educate and equip residents with the tools necessary to prevent opioid-related overdoses through the use of Naloxone.

Safer Sex Kits

Safer sex supplies won’t do any good if they aren’t on hand when people need them. We have condoms, latex dams, gloves, lube, and other safer sex supplies so you’re always prepared.

Important Resources

We have prepared critical information about the safety of injecting drugs, related health risks and resources to help people into recovery.

SSPS in Connecticut

The Syringe Services Program (SSP) is a harm-reduction, evidence based intervention that encourages injection drug users to reduce the harm in their lives through a variety of options.




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