What We Do

Formed in 1988, the Uncas Health District (UHD) is a notable entity operating under Connecticut General Statutes. As an unincorporated and non-profit agency, it plays a crucial role as the local health department for a specific region in Eastern Connecticut.

Geographic Coverage

UHD currently serves eleven municipalities in Eastern Connecticut, namely: Bozrah, Franklin, Griswold, Lebanon, Lisbon, Montville, Norwich, Preston, Salem, Sprague, and Voluntown. The agency's jurisdiction spans a diverse range of communities.

Mission and Focus

The primary mission of UHD is to promote and protect the public's health with the overarching goal of preventing illness, death, and disability among its residents. This mission is realized through dedicated efforts in three key areas: environmental health, health education/prevention, and public health preparedness.

Funding Sources

UHD sustains its operations through various funding sources. These include local and state per capita contributions, grants, and fees. Understanding the financial foundation of the agency provides insights into its operational capabilities and sustainability.

Governance Structure

The governance of UHD is facilitated by the UHD Board of Health. Members of this board are appointed by the board of selectmen or other relevant legislative bodies, such as the city council. The representation is municipality-based, ensuring diverse perspectives from each area served by UHD.

Representation Criteria

The number of representatives from each municipality is determined by population size. Municipalities with a population exceeding 10,000 become eligible for additional representatives, with a cap at five (5) representatives per municipality. This ensures proportional representation and effective governance.

Contact Information

For further inquiries about the Uncas Health District, interested parties can contact the Director of Health at (860) 823-1189.

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