Teen Outreach Program


The Teen Outreach Program is a collaboration between Norwich Public Schools, ASPIRE After School Program, Uncas Health District, and the Connecticut Department of Social Services.

Teen Outreach


Introduced in 1978, the Teen Outreach Program is nationally recognized for its effectiveness in promoting the positive growth and development of youth. It is offered in 17 states across the United States and reaches over 15,000 youths.

Teens who complete the program have shown significant reductions in various risks:


Lower Risk of School Suspension


Lower Risk of Course Failure


Lower Risk of Pregnancy

The program focuses on:

  • Self-awareness and coping skills to handle peer pressures
  • Accepting responsibility for one's choices
  • Healthy behaviors, including values exploration, goal setting, life skills, and relationships
  • Providing a safe space for youth to discuss challenging issues

The Teen Outreach Program utilizes Community Service Learning (CLS) and volunteering as its primary intervention strategy. CLS enriches learning by engaging youth in meaningful direct and indirect civic action services in their schools and communities.

For more information about the program offered in Norwich Public Schools, please contact: Patrick McCormack, DOH Phone: 860-639-5130

Contact Information

For further inquiries about the Uncas Health District, interested parties can contact the Director of Health at (860) 823-1189.

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