Board of Directors

Governance Structure: Board of Directors

The governance of the Uncas Health District is overseen by a Board of Directors comprising community members appointed by the member municipalities. The appointment process adheres to guidelines outlined in Connecticut State Statute, ensuring proportional representation based on population size within each municipality.

Representation Criteria

According to the statutes, each member municipality appoints directors based on population thresholds. The allocation involves one director for every 10,000 residents, with an additional director for each 10,000 population increment or part thereof.

Board Composition

The Board of Directors consists of representatives from various municipalities, each playing a crucial role in shaping health policies and decisions within their respective communities. Here are the representatives from each municipality:

  • Norwich

    • Frank Jacaruso
    • Rebecca Melucci
    • Dr. Jose-Michael Gonzalez
    • Pam Aubin

  • Montville

    • Gary Allyn
    • Deb Schober

  • Bozrah

    • Nancy Renshaw

  • Franklin

    • Thomas Craney

  • Salem

    • Kevin Lyden

  • Sprague

    • Maria Gladue

  • Lebanon

    • Keith Wentworth

  • Lisbon

    • Damian Rickard

  • Preston

    • Sandra Allyn-Gauthier

  • Griswold

    • John Faulise
    • Dr. Elizabeth Osga

  • Voluntown

    • Lillian Rafeldt, RN, MA, CNE


Each member contributes to the decision-making process and governance of the health district, ensuring diverse perspectives and comprehensive representation across the region.

Contact Information

For further inquiries about the Uncas Health District, interested parties can contact the Director of Health at (860) 823-1189.

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