ServSafe Certified Food Protection Manager Course / Exam (English)

Presently, UNCASHD does not have a date assigned for our next class.

Feel free to call the office 860-823-1189 for the course/exam schedule.

Thank You!

QUALIFIED FOOD OPERATOR/CERTIFIED FOOD PROTECTION MANAGER: A ‘qualified food operator’ (QFO) is also known as a ‘certified food protection manager’ (CFPM). Connecticut Public Health Code Sections 19-13B-42(S)(4), B48(j)(3), B49(t)(3) Each person owning, operating, or managing any food service establishment, itinerant food vending establishment, or food catering establishment designated either as a class III or class IV shall be a qualified food operator or shall employ on-site at least one (1) qualified food operator who is in a supervisory position at said establishment… 

This course/exam is in English, please refer to for course/exam given in other languages 

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